SANTA CRUZ: 3 summer shirts to keep you looking cool ‘as’ this summer

Getting ready for summer? Now is the time to start thinking about what you want to wear and when you’re going to buy it. It’s a tricky time to try and dress casually but well, the ever difficult time to balance between keeping your cool and looking cool. And what better season that requires you to mix things up, whether you’re thinking about wearing ever perennial florals, graphics or jazzy patterns. 

Santa Cruz have been making skateboards for 40 years, making them probably one of the oldest  skateboard brands to boot, with eye catching Californian designs for SS22 they have continued their ride into graphics that are worthy of the most iconic skateboarders and the younger generation, Sort after by many with the screaming hand logo that has become a sj=skateboarding icon.

We’re nearing the end of spring, and near the official start of summer, it is traditionally speaking the time that  shirts, shorts and vans are the everyday attire and florals only ever get translated into aloha shirts and occasionally sporting a few wild parrots, but this season the motif has bloomed, something else entirely but still as equally bright and vibrant. It is leaves. That’s right, a charming print like the Cabana shirt, giving a more all over vibe, less nicely manicured border, more overgrown jungle, and if you’re lucky enough to have an outside space what better time to enjoy it, as it is the perfect shirt wear.

Time to benefit from a new fashion landscape, where skate culture is celebrated and this brand will outsize success, and equally safe for non-skaters too, where everyone can appreciate creativity in all forms  and hopes that will give everyone the same kind of energy with these summer shirts. Santa Cruz  has been approaching the patterned trend this summer, with the Broken Dot shirt in more surprising ways, too. There is a considerably more masculine time with these new shirts, it’s all about making a bright bold statement with everything you’re wearing and as a consequence the whole thing has a more refined touch of Miami Vice.

Bringing us swiftly onto wearing graphic shirts, like this amazingly cool looking  SW AD shirt, means stepping away from the terrible styles we all wore in our teens, annoying graphics, terrible colour combinations, and shirts that really didn’t fit. It’s all about wearing a bright, bold  shirt that will make a statement with everything that you wear and you can still rock a graphic tee without looking like you’re a teenager who’s favourite pastime is getting blackout drunk.

And the best way to wear these shirts: Don’t tuck in a floral shirt, let it hang loose and not be too tight since a billowy muffin top isn’t flattering especially with short sleeves, but tuck any other patterned bad-boy in if you want to. Get things wrong with your fave shirt and you’ll run the risk of looking like an on-duty bus driver. Our advice? Go big or go home! 

These are perfect for that overall success, pair them with your fave converses and zero attitude. Time to have some fun with your style!

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