When products come to your attention. It is easy to, well, sometimes not really take much notice, as this is just another grooming company. There comes a tendency, and we’re definitely not immune to it ourselves, to associate a higher precise point with the abundance of beautiful jars, bottles and fancy packaging in our grooming tinctures.

This really is not always the case, but much will be said for the higher end of the men’s skin and haircare market, brands will pay more meticulous attention to components of the products they make and then there’s selection of a cheaper brand of grooming products that are often endorsed as rivals to those more luxurious looking and feeling packaging of the lotions and potions. What we are saying as a case on point, is that there are grooming heroes that you can add to your shopping basket and actually get exactly what you are looking for for a single-digit sum.

Salt Grooming has done just that, as this british haircare and styling brand has certainly made themselves known in the men’s grooming market, representative of a reliable and fuss-free grooming solutions all handmade by leading formulation houses and scientists, no rush, as they focus on one product at a time, instead of pulling out full ranges, as quality rules over quantity.

We have looked at their products and we must say they are perfect for a man who wants to take care of himself. The marine mist, is organic and natural actives will give you volume, grip, thickens and strengthens and much needed texture, but still remaining lightweight and nourishing. Good for hair that needs to be brought to life or to add that bonus to natural waves and all with a natural matte finish.

The thickening shampoo, and if you are wondering if they are worth a go, yes, but remember we are talking density, not growth. The thickening shampoo and the thickening conditioner, is a great duo in finding a shampoo and conditioner that can deliver, are worthy contenders that work by physically swelling the hair follicles individually, and whilst it will give you a great look, it is not the real treatment of thinning hair, but that said, if you simply want some extra volume in the mornings, these are the thickening duo’s that’ll deliver, giving you a great look from your first wash, thicker fuller hair, gives your scalp the nourishments it needs with strengthening proteins, It’s gentle but thoroughly cleanses excess oils, and you’ll look like a real cool guy.

And finally, the hybrid hair is a little pot of gold. Of hybridised clay-wax compound, it is Salts’ award winning flagship product, this little pot holds a premium lightweight styling compound that will deliver. But we hate to break it to you, but that untextured fresh-out-of-bed look circa 2008 doesn’t just happen by itself, but if you’re looking to go au natural up top with a hint of shine and bit of hair wax goes a long way, giving you an all day hold, that’s perfect for adding texture without ever looking over groomed.

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