Blogger Spotlight: Sabir M Peele

Sabir M. Peele is a guy from North Philadelphia with a passion for quality men’s style. He’s caught our eye on many occasions, and his style is something to take note of. We caught up with the driving force behind Mens Style Pro, and got asking a few quick questions for our readers eyes.

Sabir M. Peele Interview


1.  After being named as one of Esquire Magazines – 5 best dressed real men in America, how would you advise our readers what shopping habits pay off?

– There are some simple pointers when you set your sights on shopping. If you are in the market for buying a suit, be sure to wear your best fitting suit when you hit the stores. The sales associate will have a better idea of what you are looking for and you will be able to dictate what you really want.

Shop the sales!! You’ll find some of your best pieces at the end of the season. Men are more prone to buying things that last instead of buying seasonally (or caring about if something is out of season). Shop with a plan. If you go out aimlessly shopping, you’ll probably commit a fair amount of impulse buying.

Once you found a brand that has the perfect something, make that something, your something. Personally, I wear one style of jeans from one brand, all the time in different colors. Finally, invest in quality shoes.

2. What three words would you use to describe your personality?

–  Hmmmm… Erratic, unreserved and jovial.

3. From the recent menswear shows around the world, what designer shows did you enjoy most and did any particular trends for AW13 catch your eye?

– Michael Bastian, Todd Snyder and Nautica really stood out this year because there was a return to sports wear. Think of the 90’s but tailored. Great denim, amazing outerwear, lots of darker colors and fabric manipulation. Really digging into the Nautica show, they’ve tapped back into the bold color outerwear that made them huge in the early to  mid-90s. Cable knit sweaters, boots and tailored-sweatshirts are going to be everywhere.

4. Through your website; Men’s Style Pro, what area of styling do you find that men ask for the most advice in and how do you go about solving this?

– The most asked questions that I get are centered around fit and tailoring of pants. There are a couple ways that I approach this issue. Step one, if you have a pair of pants that are the perfect fit, take them to your tailor and use them as a sample. If you don’t have a great fitting pair of pants, find images of pants that you like and take them to you tailor to give them an idea of what you want. In the end, fit is part personal preference and part style aesthetic.

5. If you had to choose one person to swap wardrobes with, who would it be?

– I would love to swap wardrobes with Lapo Elkin. Even though a lot his ensembles are a bit out there, I really enjoy the whimsy and old school style that he portrays. Also, he really takes me back to my days as a teenager when he mixes it up with sneakers, jeans and cool t-shirts. There’s a part of his style where you can see that the effort that he puts into looks really comes from deep within. Wide-ass lapels, denim double-breasted blazers and camo sh*t everywhere.

6. Whats in the pipeline for you and Mens Style Pro in 2013?

– It’s been an exciting year. I just released a custom designed double-monk strap shoe with Mantorii where can be found here. Looking forward to doing some work with Nivea Men’s Skincare products shortly. Really, I plan to expand Men’s Style Pro as much as possible.

Thanks for Sabir for taking the time out to answer the questions, he’s someone we’re a huge fan of and we’ll be bringing a more in depth interview within our March Issue.