Fathers Day present?

They’ll never have to give up on their favourite artist’s swag for good 

Are you looking for that perfect Father’s Day present? One for your dad, your fave uncles or even good old grandad, and what better  time to get them down memory lane! There is always going to be some of us fashion minded guys that can never give up their favourite band tee, whether it’s that good old rare vintage rock t-shirt you wore everyday at Uni, designer maybe, or some modern-day tour merch, now you can wear your favourite tee in low-key way,

Where did it all start, this love for band tees? The band t-shirt craze started in the 50s by an Elvis Presley fan club, the 60s, the Grateful Dead started selling tour shirts, by the 70s the first concert t-shirts became band merchandise, soon-to-be memorabilia. So guys get them and get back into wearing a band t-shirt, and we’ll guarantee that as soon as you’ve got one of these coveted numbers you’ll probably wear it like a flag.

Band t-shirts have definitely become one of 2020s must-have in my wardrobe staples. So if you’re going to  get one for someone else for Fathers day, or keep one, you can wear them with your favourite jeans and simply a smart way is under a summer suit, get a stylish, and smart jacket, and chuck on maybe, cords,  track pants, or chinos that have as much personality as your t-shirt, if not more we say. Finish off with some simple white sneakers which will make the look more smart-casual and grounded. And they’ll go on forever, even on colder days. This layered up look  here is the best for giving music merch a second life. 

No9 black tongue & script T-shirt: Thanks to the growth of the nostalgia economy, the vintage t-shirt is booming. And what better one to show you is this exclusive one, a cool slim fit black tee with the most famous of all logos, the Stones tongue and on the back a logo screen printed Stones 9 Carnaby. Fits slim and a regular fit and 100% preshrunk cotton. Exclusive to the No.9 Carnaby store is located in the much known and famous Carnaby street in the West End of London, a new Rolling Stones flagship store inside a grand historic building nestled under the famous Spirit of Soho mural. 

These T shirts are exclusive to RS No.9 Carnaby online or instore