Ronnie FIeg and Dr. Martens AW13 Collaboration

Throughout  the fashion industry, collaborations are happening between different brands and different markets (high end and high street). One collaboration we have found ourselves to be looking forward to is this seasons mix between Ronnie Fieg and Dr.Martins. Ronnie Fieg is known for his colourful choice in design and print, and there is no shortage of this with the joining of the Dr. Martins brand.

doc3Over the past few seasons, Fieg has partnered with Dr.Martins and the collections have supplied many footwear options for those of us who want something a little different and livelier and the bouncy soles that Dr. Martins are known for hasn’t been sacrificed either.

doc14This season, Fieg revisited his love for camo print and additionally he explored an African inspired paisley print that both form part of a low-cut Eldridge Derby shoe. These designs are slightly diluted in regards to them to seeming too obnoxious and it is the subtle nature of these shoes that we love.

Both shoes are available now from Fieg’s website.