Rockwell by Parra SS14: Lost Seagull

Dutch apparel label Rockwell by Parra has released its spring/summer collection. ‘The Lost Seagull’ collection features Piet Parra’s graphics and artwork, printed onto sweatshirts, t-shirts and polos, decks and accessories.

parra 1

Parra, the co-founder of Rockwell Clothing, has already amassed quite the cult following – and not just for the company’s covetable fashion designs. The artist himself has gathered plenty of interest for his distinctive post-pop imagery, “highly saturated colours, vibrant hand-drawn letters and worlds inhabited by hybrid”. Success first came from an underground fanbase, among whom he quickly grew to be known and respected as an eclectic and, by extension, eccentric artist. His work has since been received well worldwide, recognised for its unique style. All of this features largely in the latest Rockwell collection, which will definitely bring some colour to the summer months ahead.

parra 2

Beyond his work as a painter, Parra also dabbles in the realms of animation and draws and sculpts. He is also a member of electronic music group Le Le. Evidently a man of great ambition, his latest endeavour aims to eclipse the two separate worlds of fashion and art, and fuse them together.

parra 3

If, as we at MFM certainly are, are excited to get your hands on the latest fashion-art hybrid-wear, you will be pleased to know that you need wait no longer. The spring/summer ’14 collection is available on the Rockwell by Parra website and at other retailers, such as Patta and Ben-G.