Rising Star: Tyler James

The Voice UK hit the screens and hit the ratings hard, becoming more popular than Simon Cowells “Britain’s Got Talent” and drawing attention from a lot of the public and musicians alike. Ratings dipped as the live shows commenced but there was one guy we kept our close eye on… Tyler James. Hailing from Canning Town in East London, Tyler’s unique voice and on point style helped him to become a runner up in the competition gaining the exposure he so desperately needed. He’s defiantly one to watch, and we’re going to be highlighting some of his key looks throughout the show and breaking down his style.

“What the world needs is a Tyler” – Will.I.Am

Tyler consistently broke comfort zones throughout the show, taking on songs that were a step away from his signature style. But when it comes to his fashion style it’s pretty different… he has a signature style and he sticks to it. He has got his style down to a tee and reinventing it completely is too far a step away from his comfort zone, so he takes his signature style and adapts it slightly paying attention to the finer details.

Signature Style

As mentioned Tyler has a signature style and doesn’t seem to break this. He carefully adds small additions to his look which slightly redevelop it each time. Tyler likes it tailored, opting for keeping things sockless and he keeps things subtle through darker, more neutral colour tones. The key stand out feature is Tylers focus on tailoring, focusing on trousers shorter in length rather than creating a scruffy effect through rolling them up. The fit of his suits are always on point, and he adds finer detailing through accessorising utilising pocket squares, ties and tie pins, along with focusing on the detailing of his clothing and adding smaller additions such as collar pins.

The thing we like about Tyler is that what his style is consistent and he keeps things stylish yet simple, choosing the correct attire without creating too much of a statement. His hair on the other hand creates the statement, opting for a high quiff and keeping things rugged. This contrast between a stylish and simple approach to the way he dresses and the rugged approach to grooming really makes him stand out. It adds to an effortless effect which his style portrays.

Here’s one of Tyler’s most popular performances, singing Higher Love on the Voice UK:

Tyler is defiantly one to look out for Musically and when it comes to style. We’re going to keep a close eye on this lad, to see how he reinvents his style and music throughout his career…