Retailer Spotlight: UnderU

Age is just a number and UnderU is the prime example for it. Having started their online retail company in 1999, they’ve been around for a while but this doesn’t stop them from feeling young at heart. UnderU houses a number of leading brands in Underwear, Swimwear, Socks, Clothing & Accessories but is always on the lookout for more. This year UnderU launched their new website and with Ted Baker, Gant, Lacoste and Tommy Hilfiger just a few names on their brand list we, of course, are very attracted to them.


Underwear shopping may not be one of the funniest things to do. Who cares what your underwear looks like that, what fit it has, if it’s just going to sit under your jeans or trousers? This draws back to everything we, at MFM but also UnderU, believe about every piece of clothing counting. To wear Lacoste underwear or a patterned sock or a Ted Baker belt is to tell people your appreciation for style. Brands, of course, have a connotation of being expensive but at UnderU they’re all about looking good for affordable prices.

As well as being expensive, brands have connotations of having a less personal touch. Not so with UnderU. UnderU are all about customer service and want their customers to enjoy their website just as much as they would a store.

UnderU’s array of expertise is what is so fascinating. That, coupled with a real appreciation for newly established brands as well as big names, is what makes UnderU far different from any other Underwear, Swimwear etc online store. Even with winter here, it would be a shame not to check out their offers and many, many brands. To view the full collection, visit the UnderU official website.