Retailer Spotlight: Serene Order

Serene Order’s premise is simple and yet affective. They say that they don’t believe in following fashion, they believe in making fashion. This, coupled with their design to give customers fresh inspiration on their visits is what draws us, at MFM, to such a new and creative place as Serene Order.


Serene Order’s dedication to new and stylish brands is not just something they profess but something that has been noticed. In 2012 they were a finalist in the Drapers Indie Menswear Retailer of the Year Award. The indie part of the award is interesting to note as Serene Order is all about the indie look, as well as this, however, it has a way of making their indie style clothes smart and appropriate for all occasions.

Scrolling through their online store it’s evident that Serene Order appreciates the minor details – something we also appreciate. Patterns are in the backs of blazers and there’s a definitive detail to colour and fit. As well as this, Serene Order knows itself, knows what it wants to accomplish and shows this by reinforces their premise with bringing in big brands and cutting edge looks.


It’s evident these guys are not just another store. It’s an experience and for those of us that are unfortunate enough to live away from Solihull where they’re is based, check out their website by visiting Serene Order and be amazed all on your own.