Retailer Spotlight: Hervia

At MFM we love others passions for fashion so when Hervia came into our radar we got even more excited. Hervia’s history is full of an appreciation for big names before they became big. It’s fair to say, therefore, that Hervia is a store all about embracing fashion.


Hervia’s Creative Director, Oscar Pinto, is a lover and fanatic of fashion. Pinto has said that his vision for Hervia is to produce ‘timeless clothes’ – he doesn’t want the clothes to become tired or dated, he wants to sell clothes that will be able to be passed down through the generations. Pinto’s love extends into clothes that will ‘stand the test of time’.  

This admiration for new ideas is shown in its designers. New up-and-coming designers don’t have to compromise their vision. Hervia demands that these designers present their clothes in the way they want, not settling for any rules or restrictions but constantly pushing the boundaries and experimenting. It’s Hervia’s – and therefore Pinto’s – open mind that makes the store what it is – beautiful, unique and above all, passionate about fashion.


I think it’s fair to say that Hervia’s strength comes through in its passion. In 1996, for example, the first Hervia store in Manchester was bombed by the IRA. Did that stop them? Of course not. The love, dedication and passion for new, initiative fashion was what kept them going and we, at MFM, are very excited to see what comes next. To view the full collection, check out Hervia.