Retailer Spotlight: 32 The Guild

Sometimes, simple ideas create beautiful things. This is the case with 32 The Guild and that’s why we’re so fascinated by it. 32 The Guild’s business premise is: beautiful things for every budget. Simple, effective and damn right true. 32 The Guild, local in Northampton opened in May 2013 and is a handpicked mixture of men and women’s accessories, footwear, denim and jumpers.


What’s interesting to note about 32 The Guild is that its founders were originally footwear designers. They took their expertise and interest in fashion and transported it into 32 The Guild. They’re heavily concerned with quality and craftsmanship – sounds perfect to us! – but, most importantly, with a personalised touch. Each jumper has its own purpose, its reason for fitting in the ornate, quirky store. Each jacket, each sock, you name it. To see the detail and intent you just have to look at the sunglasses, original and modern but with an  oaky finish – you can almost feel the sand between your toes.


32 The Guild isn’t any old store; they don’t just want your money. It’s an experience. 32 The Guild want you to enjoy, browse and feel what they’ve created. You can even purchase a coffee at their espresso bar to sip as you shop.


32 The Guild – a fairly new store – has already made an impression. With its keen eye for detail and quirk, it has landed a spot in our radar. To view the full range they offer, visit here.