If you’re a lover of classic music and easy listening, you will love the latest gadget to hit the market. Replacing the classic vinyl player, this House of Marley Turntable will turn your music life upside down. This streamlined classic brings your vinyl to life with the gorgeous sound it deserves.

The Stir It Up Wireless turntable provides a sleek design using solid bamboo, REGRIND™ silicone, REWIND™ fabric. Enjoy a classic sound system that wirelessly connects to any Bluetooth® speaker, and offers a built-in switch pre-amp allowing seamless compatibility with your Marley speakers or in-homereceivers. The Stir It Up Wireless includes a USB port for PC recording, a RCA output, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

An absolutely stunning and retro design, capturing the natural aesthetic. No one wants a bulky ugly machine sat in their entertainment room, upgrade your system with this sleek, sophisticated design and impress everyone with your vinyl collection.

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