Reebok Classic Release New Short Film

Here at MFM we are big fans of established brands doing something unique to show off their new collection. So, naturally we were keen to show you the latest short film from Reebok Classics.

The inspirational movie “This Is The Start of Something” follows on from the success of gritty, indie 2014 film “Give Me Your Classics”. Launched in time to support the 25th anniversary of the Reebok Ventilator, the film unfolds on the streets of New York City and mirrors the brands development in the US, 25 years ago. Even better is the fact that you can watch the short film in the comfort of your own home.

reebok 22

Following the story of a young Northern lad that heads stateside to search for a new beginning, we see what America has to offer. Manhattan is the backdrop to the story where the hero is searching for his destiny and adventure.

Created in collaboration with The Rigout and RSA Films, “This Is The Start of Something” features a number of themes that are common to many young men – the transition of moving to a new city, and what you have to do to follow your creative dreams. If you are one of these young men, you too can be rewarded.

reebok 33

Reebok are looking for a young creative to join their team – just follow the brand (Reebok Classic) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find out more about this unique opportunity. Shop the sneakers at and at selected retailers worldwide.