RÉDUIT: A new game changer in innovative skincare beauty

We all look for that one product that will change our life. With many new products being thrown at us on social media, Tik Tok and Facebook, it’s easy to look at a new product and think, is this any different?

You have probably read somewhere that some amazing new skincare product has arrived, but it actually does nothing for you? Even makes your skin worse? Wrong for your skin type? If you misdiagnose your skin types and use the wrong products, it can aggravate your skin and lead to irritation, excess oil , breakouts or your skin even drying out, making wrinkles more apparent. Well we are here to tell you that there is a way to banish all your fears and your waste of money!

Réduit has come up with a new beauty-tech called BOOST, the world’s first bespoke smart skincare device, relies on an algorithm to literally determine skincare ritual that is tailored specifically to your needs. So how cool is that? And how does it work, well,  by syncing your handheld Boost device to the accompanying app, it then gives you the chance to put in relevant details about your favourite skincare products, and also asks you to fill out a detailed skin profile, additional information on age and lifestyle that can all contribute to the quality of your skin. 

 We all want that perfect skincare treatment that we hope will work, and this one does. It’s free from any superfluous ingredients, and via ultrasonic misting you’ll get concentrated actives to deliver an intensive dose of nutrients directly to where they are needed.This is done with an ultra fine spray that will give you rapid results.

You are able to use BOOST with almost all traditional skincare products, lierataly, from serums, creams and lotions! LED light therapy and alternating vibrations provides you with a personalised treatment for you and your skin, based on the information you set on the app, and all in 30 seconds!

Maybe you didn’t know that when you apply your creams and serums to your face, only a very small amount actually penetrates the skin, but BOOST uses the power of diamagnetics that helps to provide a deeper penetration of active ingredients into your traditional skincare.

It’s small and compact, a handheld container that’s ergomatic, and fits sweetly in your palm.
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