Rebel & Crown Turns The Everyday Item Into Luxury

Over the past few months you might have noticed that most of our articles centre on British made garments and items. This is no coincidence, as people in the UK start to focus more on items created by and for the British populace. This is usually due to market research as it happened with this year’s brand Rebel & Crown.

rabel 1

The young owners Jak Serr and Dan Attia struggled for years trying to find the perfect t-shirt. They drew influence from James Dean’s role in A Rebel Without a Cause, a film that popularised the garment as a wardrobe stable for most young men today. As the two young entrepreneurs struggled to find the perfect fabric, fit and material, they decided to try it differently and hire tailors, rather than designers, to bring the expertise from Jermyn Street and Savile Row to this everyday stable product.

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have also created refined fits to please different customers. The extra easy for example is your classic straight cut, the standard sculpted is tapered around the waist for a natural V shaped silhouette, whilst the super slim is cut close to the body for that ultimate fitted look. They come in four essential colours (black, grey, navy and white) and are available in two neck lines: the classic crew – bound with a twin needle finish for a long lasting shape and the V Neck – with a ribbed lining for product flexibility and comfort.

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They are also all made from 100% Supima American cotton, a soft handle material used to create finer count yards and then knitted into softer, finer fabric which turns simple cotton into a luxury garment. Rebel & Crown have created a short video showcasing all the tailoring and attention to detail given to these items showing all the finer details on how they manage to deliver this unique take on a T-Shirt. You can grab yours from