Ready For The Classic Camel Coat?

Now that the weather is changing and it’s getting chillier by the day, time to up your coat game. It is one of the most important times to buy not only a classic but an important piece of clothing. But any coat that you buy should be not only warm and comfortable and if nothing else stylish.

A camel coat is the easiest and the most re-wearable way to take your fall style from expected to elegant,  and has the ability to literally go with most pieces of clothing in your wardrobe, mixing with most colour palettes, whether you choose to but a dark camel or a light camel coat, short, mid length or long. 

The best of camel coats require an equal amount of consideration and attention to detail. For the look to work, and that is literally, colour, cut and craftsmanship.

Some camel coats are literally the wrong colour, too light, too beige,  look too cheap and too drab. So look for a camel coat in a soft shade of tan, and shouldn’t come with that yellow undertone, but with a peachy undertone. You really might not care about the colour of the coat but believe us, the colour of your camel coat will make it far more versatile than you think to wear with nearly everything in your wardrobe.

And what about fit? If you don’t get the right fit then the coat will swallow you up and swamp you, you’ll need to get a coat that will make you look leaner and taller and have a perfect fit, so regardless of silhouette, fits straight through the body  giving you a ‘line’. If you fancy, pop the collar for added oomph and warmth  on a chilly day, then you’ll feel comfortable forever knowing you’ll never fall out of trend.

What can you wear with a camel coat as well as suits and casual wear? Unlike black or navy, a camel double-breasted coat is casual enough to look totally at home on top of athleisure. This is a great way to get a good look because if you are clever with your hue and fabric of your off-duty athleisure look, it will flow into the coat. Polyester workout gear. Not so much. Unexpected combinations, like chinos and sweatshirts will breathe new life into your camel coat and bring it up a notch fashion wise. It’ll give you an off-duty look that even your boss might be mildly happy.

So. The camel coat – do you think it’s a winter classic or are you bored with it already?