Ralph Lauren’s U.S. Open Smart Apparel Unveiled

At MFM, fashion innovation is something we’re always looking for. So when we heard of Ralph Lauren’s newly unveiled high-tech Smart Apparel Collection, we were immediately excited. The collection not only seeks to push the boundaries of fashion as we know it but also bring a new dimension with the help of technology.

ralph 1

The collection coincides with the opening day of the U.S. open and shows off the sleek black design, containing the signature yellow Polo player logo on the shirt. As well as this, it also contains sensors that are set to read the biological and physiological information attributed to the person wearing. In addition, the second skin fit is made to have a custom fit.

ralph 2

Keeping fit and exercising has never been so interactive it seems and to celebrate the new release, Ralph Lauren will dress several ball boys in the shirt. The ball boys will take part in a two-week tournament, putting the design to good use and testing it out for us all to see.

ralph 3

Ralph Lauren has constantly been experimenting with different types of fashion and their latest contribution, in the shape of the U.S. Open Smart Apparel, confirms that. Stay tuned for any updates for when the high-tech Polo shirt will be available in stores and you, like the ball boys, can allow it to enhance your keeping fit regime.