Rainbow Riches to Texas Hold ‘Em – Which Casino Games Have Stood the Test of Time?


There are lots of iGaming proposals to enjoy. And, let’s admit it, quality varies significantly among them. This is especially true of slots, which are prone to offering different experiences, themes, game mechanics and other features because of their very nature.

However, a “new” slot is often just a blatant reskin of a previous game or a ripoff of another one. Some are bland, boring or difficult to use. This is why a slot game tends to become an instant classic when it is excellent.

The online gambling market is growing at an incredible pace, and slots are a massive part of that growth. This is why analysing what works and what doesn’t is interesting.

In the case of table games, there are many variants of the same game. Some are preferred over others. Why is that? In this article, we’ll examine some of the most popular casino games available and try to understand their popularity.

Rainbow Riches

Leprechauns, rainbows, meadows and, above all, a pot of gold. Which kind of gambler wouldn’t instantly fall in love with such a proposal? Theme aside, you can simply play Rainbow Riches and have fun, which is its top feature: the fun factor.

This game has three exciting bonuses that set it apart and make it very engaging. One works as a board game: a wheel spins, and you move several steps based on the result. Another one has you collecting wishing wells. For the last one, you need to collect pots of gold and spin pots full of bonuses.

As you can see, the exciting aspect of bonuses and a nice setting are the top reasons this game is enormously popular.

Immortal Romance

A staple in iGaming history, Immortal Romance still attracts fans today, and there are good reasons why. This vampire-inspired slot draws heavily from movies like Twilight, and even the characters, represented as symbols, have a backstory you can read.

But the most exciting aspect is the bonuses. There’s a very unique one called “Chamber of Spins”. You get one of the protagonists to play the bonus round, and each has different powers. One of them, for instance, turns symbols into wilds. Another one allows you to get free spins.

This is an exciting take on bonuses, and there’s much more. The exciting gameplay and the story have captivated gamblers for years.

Texas Hold’Em

Texas Hold’Em is one of the most popular poker variants ever. However, it was local to Texas until it started being present in Las Vegas in 1967. In 1969, a tournament contributed to its rise to fame and today, such tournaments are one of the top activities in Las Vegas.

If you keep checking the history of Texas Hold’Em, you’ll find many events that served as catalysts for its ubiquity today. But it’s not just a matter of PR and promotion. The game’s core concepts are simple, yet it takes skill to win. 

You need to develop abilities such as reading your opponents, assessing your hand correctly, and making it a game of chance with a strategic component. 


Another staple for card games, Blackjack is indispensable in any worthy casino. To put it in simple terms, Blackjack has one premise. You need to get cards that are in a total sum of 21, or their sum is as close to 21 as possible without surpassing it. 

It’s straightforward to understand and thrilling to play. There are many variants, but the most popular are Vegas Strip and Atlantic City. 

Even with its simplicity, it’s a game with a robust statistical component, ideally suited for those skilled in counting cards. Additionally, the house edge is one of the lowest. In effect, it’s an irresistible proposal for most casino patrons.



Roulette is undoubtedly the Queen of any casino. In fact, when people conjure mental images of a casino, this is very likely the first image that comes to mind. It has a long history that started in France, but it’s available anywhere in the world.

Why is it so popular? First, the wheel spinning and the excitement of watching the tiny white ball rolling is unsurpassed by any other game. Besides, there are a lot of bets available. All these bets have different odds and suit strategists and casual players too.

You might, for example, bet on your favourite number. If unsure, you can “play it safe” and bet on a single colour. You can combine bets, take advantage of betting systems, and more.

There’s More

This is not a comprehensive list, and classics are born every day. But if you read between the lines, you’ll find a common factor in all these games: they’re exciting. Future classics will very likely share this same feature.