Raf Simons Collaborates With Fred Perry Yet Again

Temperatures are rising, the sun is beginning to shine, and many of us have gotten a sniff of summer in the last week or so. We might be getting a little bit ahead of ourselves but it’s almost time to ditch the heavy clothing, and break out some fun, light and colourful attire.

Here at MFM we love a good collaboration, and Dior designer Raf Simons has continued his popular work with Fred Perry for this fast approaching summer. Now in their ninth season of collaborating, they’ve created a vibrant collection for spring/summer that’s really caught our eye.

It brings us a unique blend of the Belgian’s well known playful aesthetic, and Fred Perry’s classic signature pieces. A variety of exciting colours are on offer in polo’s (of course), sweaters, jackets, trousers and a bag. There’s a chessboard pattern theme that you’ll notice throughout the collection, with check designs, fade out ginghams and floral prints are all to be seen.

fred perry

We love the designs the two have put together since day one, and this is no different. Fred Perry’s mix of sportswear and street wear, combined with the care free touch of Simons really brings the 29 piece collection to life. Inspired by the warmer weather we’re hopefully going to get, the stylish designs are a cool way to add some vibrancy to your look this season.

The prices range from £85 for the polo’s to £195 for the bag, you can check out the fun filled collection at fredperry.com.