Steele Simons | Putting Men’s Fashion First… Finally

Throughout modern history, fashion and men haven’t typically mixed, at least, it hasn’t been the norm. In recent years however, we have seen a rise in the taste of men’s wardrobes. They are dressing with more style, buying more clothes, and exploring higher fashion.

With this taking place, we wanted to take a deeper dive into a particular emerging men’s fashion brand STEELE SIMONS, who is presently playing a role in bringing men’s wardrobes to a more elevated standard.

Steele Simons, founded by two brothers from Texas (Samuel and Steele) who have always respected the stately and honorable man, but even more so, that same man who carries a unique and uplifted style. 

Throughout their life, they have naturally appreciated and cared for the small things that make an outfit click. “The tapered cuff on a long sleeve, the heaviness of a nice hoodie, something just resonates with your soul when you experience these touches”. – Samuel W. Co-Founder.

When asked about how they got into fashion, Steele expressed that “growing up and to this day I never really understood why men have always had so much less options to choose from. And it is almost not normal for a man to express style in freedom and beauty. My brother and I had a vision to not only improve the options for our fellow man, but felt a need to feed and grow the potential that wasn’t being tapped with the masculine wardrobe”.

They began to dive into the gaps and lack of care in men’s fashion. They did not want to create a trend, but to build a lasting and rooted brand that could push the boundary of what the typical standard is. The original mission of creating the most luxurious T-shirt grew into a vision where they don’t just make merely a tee, but pioneer a brand to elevate the quality and norms in a man’s wardrobe; to become a spearhead in the men’s fashion up trend. To build a fashion house, not just a fashion brand.

“We don’t want to be just a clothing brand. That was the main reason we came out with our line of accessories; to showcase that this is a part of us. That men can sport that upper level style and layering”. – Steele W.

The truth is, men are carrying more than just a wallet in their back pocket now. They have evolved from just getting the necessities, to wearing accessories that compliment their outfits. They are shopping more now, and enjoying it. This is a part of a recent growing market where men are more intentional with their attire.

“Men’s style is not limited to jeans, a top, and an old wallet, but it is progressing into more accessories, higher quality apparel, and more fashionable outfits. We want to be at the forefront of that. We want to support the real men with taste, detail, and style. We want to speak to these men”. – Samuel W.

Although still a new and emerging brand, in 2024, STEELE SIMONS expresses a collection of top end comfort wear essentials, complimented with high end accessories tailored for a masculine yet stylish individual. “We have expanded our audience to not just Texas, but nationwide with intentions of international reach, and have also partnered with companies and artists that resonate with our vision to forge new territory, and create from within.

Our mission to push men’s fashion forward into more expression and excellence is alive and active” – Steele, Co-Founder.

With such a strong vision and a clear direction, it will be enjoyable to see what new pieces STEELE SIMONS brings to their men’s wardrobe in the coming months and years. 

For those intentional shoppers and men with taste in upper level fashion, Steele Simons just might be the brand you’ve been looking for.

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