PURE SHAVE: Get the perfect shave every time

Looking to upgrade your face? While the rugged bearded look might be your style, keeping it looking good is another thing. Or do you want that clean-shaven face?

Being beardless might be back into fashion for some, or if you need to keep it short and trim  and stubble free, but removing the facial fuzz might just leave you with a jaw that feels like tree bark and give you razor burn and razor rash.

So if you want to be at ease when you shave your face it will be as painless as possible.

However, there’s a right way and a wrong way from going full beard to beard free, just remember that even if you want to shave your whole beard off or just go to a goatee, chinstrap, taper beard, mustache or just a stubble beard, when you shave the whole beard or part shave your beard in one go, you’ll risk things like ingrown hairs – and the last thing you want on your face is skin irritation.

Skipping exfoliation, shaving creams and lotions and also lead to skin abrasions, so amending how you shave your skin and what you use can ensure that you have a silky smooth face every time.

Pure Shave range —- which includes a pleasingly ‘the works shaving set, a weighty razor and shaving brush, nicely ensconced in a stand, shaving cream and that has been made with natural ingredients, specifically made to virtually eliminate razor burns and razor rash and to give you that nourishing irritation-free shave and stop those close-shave tips, where you’ll never have to put one of those awkwardly small squares of toilet paper on the nicks on your face again.

And amongst other shaving gems a luxurious shaving towel. Perfect when rinsed in hot water and you’ll get that barber hot towel experience. Ultra-moisturising cream, that will give your skin a great boost for dehydrated or dry skin, use daily as it’s important to moisturise the skin and restore the hydrolipid film that has been removed by the blade from shaving. There is also a beautiful little shaving handmade by a British potter. You can also pop all your shaving essentials into a wax saddle leather wash-bag. Great for keeping things neat and tidy and perfect for the travelling man.

Best of all, is that you can buy refill pouches for the shaving cream and moisturising cream  

Happy shaving! 

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