PURE LAKES – They’ve got you covered for Valentines Day

Valentines Day, ahhh….that word that sums up, ‘what do I get him for Valentines?’ So for you guys that want to up your badass beard care, or your dad, brother and even partner, pass this blog along, as we’re sure you must be sick of scrolling along looking for a decent gift set, so trust us when we say,  Pure Lakes have got your face in hand.

Pure Lakes have got a whole range of gift sets that will surely make any guy use and love and they will guarantee that he’ll be feeling face fit and stroking his beard all the time!  So not only will Pure Lakes keep your beard good but they also want to make sure that both your face and beard look amazing for that special night.

Skincare, particularly for men, can be confusing and even a little intimidating, and a Valentine’s Day gift is a great opportunity to inject some luxury into his daily routine. So we looked at their Pure Beard gift set, combining a face wash, gentle facial exfoliator and beard oil, all beautifully packaged ready to wow! This all natural combo box is the best deal and it helps to have a little expert advice on what products exactly you’ll get for you or whoever is lucky enough to get one to combat their grooming woes. Pure Lakes whole-heartedly believe that every man should know exactly what they are putting on their face and beard and better still should take pride in it, So say goodbye to dry beads and blotchy skin, these little gems are here to save the day.

The Pure Beard gift set contains a face wash and exfoliator made with natural biodegradable raw ingredients with basil, lemon and frankincense, and the beard oil, made from moringa, kiwi seed and sea buckthorn, all derived from sustainable plants with the minimum amount of processing required, and, they ensure that all their essential oil are of the highest quality and have full traceability. 

We loved the packaging, in a smart white box made from recycled material or is recyclable or reusable in itself, and the products are housed in plastic made from biopolymer, also recyclable. Pure Lakes are actually not a shop in the traditional sense, but a workshop, and lucky for all you guys they offer a refill scheme, so in return, will cut down on wasteland, and just so you know, all products are made in the Lake District.

Whether the recipient is lucky enough to get a gift box on Valentines Day, birthday ( or just buy it for yourself guys), and is practical and all about ease, or a hedonist and a lover of fine things, this spectacular box is a fool proof gift.

Buy online: PURE LAKES