Made with paper, made with love….

Are you looking for something a little different from the norm when it comes to backpacks? 

Have you thought about maybe getting one that’s made of natural fabrics?

And when it comes to backpacks there is one that tugs at our hearts. Yes, you may be sceptical, but, obviously when it comes to nature, paper isn’t really the first thing you think of with a bag slung on your back! You’re thinking stationary, books, mens, pencils etc: but a backpack!

Really! A paper one! When it comes to natural fabrics, don’t think that it may waste away when it rains, either. But this is a company that has sustainability at it’s core.

Pulp Fusion have a range of paper bags, that are biodegradable, made with fused pulp shells, cotton and jute, which are in themselves low-impact, and renewable, water-resistant and extra tough! This is no ordinary paper bag. When you wear the bag, people say. “is that really made of paper”, and then comes the surprise when we say,  well yes it is.

It feels like real tough paper, little more mallable and by the way crumples and wear over time, and this Pulp Fusion Mini Bag is just as durable as any other backpack, paper lined and  has an interior single pocket, and exterior zipped pocket and two holders either side for those much needed water bottles. All ready for the off with two jutes straps that are adjustable to give you the best comfort when you’re caring the bag.

It’s great for little people, or if you just want a smaller bag that’s lightweight, and you can be confident when you use it. And once the little bags life is over, be sure to know that the bags can are biodegradable. Happy bags from start to finish. Also, your packaging is paper as well, so no waste here at all. It’s a paper bag in a paper bag!

Buy online: PULP FUSHION