Printed and 100% Biodegradable cases by Uunique

Mother Nature has a come a long way to help us to lessen our impact us on Earth with our 100% biodegradable phone cases. There has never been a better time than now, in the 20th century, when we have become increasingly aware of the environmental and humanitarian devastation that is occurring. And that’s why here at Uunique, we have designed our Nutrisiti 100% biodegradable phone cases to be completely natural, created from plants and plant elements that are completely in-sync with mother nature.

We have designed these cases in a spectrum of prints and colours inspired by nature itself, and these cases are convenient, protective and are crafted to fit your device, with a wonderful, smooth yet textured appearance. Our printed series, based around 100% biodegradable phone cases, offer full protection to the phone without compromising on style – these phone cases are beautiful, unique and durable. This zero-waste and plastic free alternative is our first step towards a more sustainable future within our industry. And once returned to Earth, they will decompose within 1-2 years.

With our huge variety of prints and colours all eco-friendly, now is a great time to really think about ditching the plastic and leather cases. But wait… just because these phone covers are gentle on the Earth doesn’t mean that they’re not tough enough to protect your phone. And if there is one other reason (bar saving the planet…), then think about the amount of people that are using phones today. There are 5 billion mobile phones currently in use around the globe, and 1 billion new phone cases are bought every year. When you consider how long that you personally keep your phone (and phone case!), it works out that 22 months is the average time people keep the phone before getting a new one!

So if you want to help the world and make a style statement in the process, look no further than our best eco mobile phone cases. Enjoy a combination of Earth-friendly materials, creative and unique designs and our reputation for phone cases that are durable for whatever may happen!

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