Premium Watch Cleaning Kit – Maintain Your Prestige

When you have a watch that may be expensive, it may not, but it is your pride and joy, then keeping it in tip-top condition and clean is a must on your to-do list. 

But what is the best product to use, you ask, well Luxe Watches is here to solve your dilemmas in perfect time with their premium watch cleaning kit.  

Every new or old thing, whether it’s a car, jewellery, house, or watch, will eventually need some that good old TLC if it gets used everyday. But when it comes to watches, no matter how long you’ve had them, providing you want to retain as much of its value as possible, there is a right and a wrong way to keep it pristinely clean.

How do you get to clean that grubby bit between the case and the bracelet? General atmospheric exposure along with fatty acids in sweat and leave your watch looking, well, not as good as it should. The dirt in the steel bracelet can produce unsightly dirt and become hard to reach in the crannies around the lugs, bracelet and bezel. The best recommendation is the Luxe Watch Premium Watch Cleaning Kit to solve all your problems!

In the Luxe Watch premium cleaning kit box, is an informative watch cleaning pamphlet with instructions, cleaning solution, microfibre cloth, restore and revive leather cleaning balm, for those with leather straps, a cleaning brush and finally a polishing cloth. But before you start, ensure that all the screws and crowns are fully tightened. 

The microfibre cloth is your first port-of-call in the cleaning process, this will help to remove any dust and loose particles, and whilst you are wiping your watch it will create a static charge which will hold the dust until it is washed.

When it comes to giving your watch a bath, place your watch in a small bowl of warm water, add enough cleaning solution, totally submerge your watch and leave for about 10-15 minutes.This is where the soft brush comes in to help remove any remaining dirt. Rinse and clean with clean water and dry off your precious and very clean watch with the microfibre cloth.

Remove the white polishing cloth from the small balck envelope and thoroughly dry and polish your watch to a perfect shine. But remember  – OVER polishing a watch is the quickest and most common way to devalue it, and it cannot be undone.

The advice is that you take as much care of your watch as you can and keep it in a box whenever you’re not wearing it. Clean your watch every 6 months or so, and follow with a once-over with the polishing cloth and your watch will be looking fresh, zingy and very clean without doing any irreversible damage.

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