Premium Accessories From Il Bussetto

Staying stylish has as much to do with donning a nice suit as it does with making sure that all of the right pieces come together. If you feel that your accessories have been letting you down of late, take a look at the new range from Il Bussetto.

bussetto 1

Established in 2004, the brand (which takes its name from a traditional instrument used by craftsmen to polish leather) is known for the design and production of leather goods. The aim is to preserve time honoured Italian tradition of leather goods manufacturing.

bussetto 2

Today, the label revisits and updates techniques traditionally used by Tuscan craftsmen which consist of modelling wet leather on wooden form. The result – seamless items using bovine leather, vegetable tanned and employing only natural ingredients. What is most distinctive about Il Bussetto is the way in which these traditional methods are used to create some really impressively designed pieces.

bussetto 3

The new Stingray collection is a case in point. The exclusive range looks sleek, stylish and sexy all at the same time, similar to the Parker Clay collection from the previous year. The premium line features vegetable tanned cuoio leather, with stingray leather (derived from the tropical fish of the same name which are well known for their exotic beauty).

bussetto 5

The design quality is really strong and the range includes leather wallets, coin holders and cigar cases that come in an array of colours ranging from olive green to bold red. The brand states that the collection is aimed at the fashion conscious, well-travelled individual.

bussetto 6

Here at MFM, we like to consider ourselves as those kinds of men and as such, can see ourselves sporting some of this exclusive range very soon. Prices range from £31 to £165 and the collection is available online at