The SCENT-sational home invader  – Flip that Funk!

Are you looking for the most perfect air freshener for your home, you know the one that smells amazing but also eliminates odours entirely? Well let us enlighten you with a brand new product that can do all of that. The Home-Pourri French lavender and Clary sage multi-purpose odour eliminator does all that and more.

This is a new launch Flip that Funk collaboration with the Ghetto Funk collection which will focus on the Home-Pourri products. This product has brought an exciting life with the help of the award-winning Amsterdam based dance group, the Ghetto Dance Collective & The Gritz and Black Joe Lewis, written and recorded in collaboration with the Texas based producers Matt Pence and Electrphunck.

And might you ask, does sage and lavender smell good together, yes it does. Sage’s warm and herbal scents will give you a middle fragrance note, and pairs really well with lavender. It has a calming and relaxing effect physically and emotionally balancing fragrance and is just the the most perfect aroma for it’s relaxing effects and to ease your inner stress. 

So this bottle will spray a little magic on furniture, throws, carpets, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen and maybe even the car! A little spritz here and there is the quickest way to get rid of unwanted odours. And in the summer a great way to use its natural ingredients to repel those nasty little insects that drive you mad, and even better, this spray can refresh your inner shoes, your yoga mats, litter boxes and pet bedding.IWe say, what can’t this air freshener do? Well, it can even eliminate cigarette smoke and give that stinky rubbish bin a freshen up.

The Home-Pourri multi purpose odour eliminator is 100% organic, and is made from pure essential oils and is free of perfumes of synthetic fragrances.It guarantees to eliminate 99% of home odours within 60 seconds and with using the essential oils can leave your home smelling way better than you found it. And there is a choice of other different fragrances. Don’t say you won’t be spoilt for choice.