Pomegranate Promise’s ‘Wearing Art on Your Heart’ – The Latest Brand to Watch

Looking for a new and exciting brand to invest in? Pomegranate Promise is a unique and inspiring brand that combines contemporary one-of-a-kind art with fashion.

Wear art on your heart; wear a closed print, limited edition, Art Print T-shirt.

Pomegranate Promise started as a concept a few years ago and was mulled around over and over. The biggest question asked of was: will this work?

With any dream or concept there are always thousands of reasons to shoot it down. They decided to patent the concept and take it to market. You can own a t-shirt of a limited art edition, only 50 t-shirts are printed per artwork.  A canvas print will be the final print; unique and only one will available for purchase.  The original artwork can be bought.  A closed print edition of 51 prints and the original.  

Their aim is for this to be a platform to showcase artists; that one-off artist who will probably not draw something again for a long-time, the new artist who wants to grow, the established artist who wants to do something different with their work, and the designer who designs for clothing and textiles. No matter where you live, this is a platform available to you, find out more with Artist’s Enquiry on their website.

Art can be defined as the conscious creation of something wonderful, something beautiful, something to enjoy, something to use. A creation brought about through the use of skill and imagination.

 Art is about expression.

Pomegranate Promise have chosen to support small businesses; those where synergies are shared.  This enables them to be flexible and deliver quality products. They do not subscribe to an economic age for those who seek to work with Pomegranate Promise. The new Gig Economy approach allows people to join in the venture for the small and large projects. A feisty and highly active retired seamstress sewed on the labels.

Clothes exhibit, express and shape your identity. Wearing art on your heart gives your identity a voice. Pomegranate Promise’s Art Print T-Shirt is a print, a reproduction, of the original artwork. It is a unique fashion item designed to embrace your individuality.

pPromise#1 is a doodle artwork by Rawdené Art that will captivate your imagination. Pomegranate Promise supports local artists and believes in uplifting and realising potential. This is demonstrated with the first range’s artist who is living victoriously despite having lupus.

The exclusive range is about to expand with the inclusion of Art Print T-Shirts for women. 

Join in their journey. Help co-create clothing.

Pomegranate Promise has printed 50 Art Print T-shirts with a unique doodle art design: Promise #1; this range will never be printed again.

The fabric is a melange, which is soft to the touch making it a comfortable wear.

It is packaged in a branded toiletry bag with a key ring; inside is the story of Pomegranate Promise and the artist.

The original artwork is available for purchase as is the final print in the range, a canvas print. In total this art print series is a set of 51 prints; 50 are Art Print T-shirts and 1 is the signed canvas print. All art prints are numbered as # of 51. The Art Print T-shirts are available in small, medium, large and extra- large. The artwork is sold framed.

The Artist

This doodle design is by a victorious lupus artist who began to draw to aid her recovery, there are days when her hands can’t hold a pen but these are fewer than they used to be. Doodling has enabled her to express herself and it gives her joy as each new doodle design unfolds. Uplifting artists, whose art offers unique views of the world around us, and realising their potential makes each Art Print T-shirt range distinctive.

Get to Know Pomegranate Promise

Pomegranate Promise is a team of artists, young and retired professionals, and small businesses; it is a collaborative business leveraging skill and expertise from design to product to art print owner. They encourage artists who want to do something extraordinary with their art, to make contact.

They pride themselves in their ethos and do not have an age limit on those who want to work with them, nor do they want to remove the creativity, flexibility and power of small business from their process, and team by bringing this expertise in-house. Pomegranate Promise is an ever-growing village.

For more information check their blog and socials:

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