‘Please sir, I want more for my hair!’ – Murdock London

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to achieve the perfect barbershop experience at home? Alongside their expert barbers, Murdock London has created and curated a range of products, kits and tools to allow you to conquer the day with a fresh, sharp look, without breaking the bank. Founded on the iconic streets of London, Murdock London offer the finest classic, yet contemporary, take on the traditional barber shop experience. Described as the self-professed ‘masters of grooming’, these expert barbers are here for all you modern, style-conscious men out there.
Their range of at home products are carefully curated and designed precisely to respect the characteristics of men’s skin and hair. This award winning range provides you with everything a man needs. Their Clean Label line-up promotes the use of clean and safe products, allowing the health and wellbeing of their clients to be centre stage and banning any unpleasant and unnecessary ingredients.

Amongst their range of products you can find the Artful Kit, not to be confused with the influence of the infamous London crook, Artful dodger, however the product tagline ‘Please sir, I want more for my hair!’ leads us to believe otherwise. This collection features all the barber wisdom your head needs. Start with the sulphate-free Quince & Oakmoss Shampoo, add volume with the Sea Salt Spray and create your signature look with our personal favourite, the Matt Mud and Texture Paste hair tins. Accompanying the clear excellence of the products themselves is a luxurious fragrance, the Quince and Oakmoss shampoo leaving your locks smelling like your favourite expensive cologne.

Alongside their hair products, they also feature a range of Male Grooming items, because who wants a scruffy beard accompanying their fresh trim? The Redchurch and Regent Collections include a Beard Moisturiser and Conditioner, and a Pre Shave Oil, to combat each stage of the shave for a smooth and clean look. Their products will leave your skin nourished and ready to face the day as the suave Murdock man you are.

The first step to the smoothest shave of your life begins with the Pre Shave Oil. Your facial hair will be softened and prepared for a clean, sharp shave. Curated from 100% Natural Oils such as Sweet Almond, Wheat germ and Olive fruit, you are ensured a smooth, less irritating shave even on the most sensitive skin or thickest hair.

Change your relationship with your beard by following up with the pH-balanced conditioner. Enriched with Wheat Protein it reduces breakage and promotes a healthy shine with the balancing Citric Acid to help stop tangling.

Complete your regime with the all-in-one Beard Moisturiser. This best seller conditions and softens not only the facial hair, but the skin underneath. Your beard will look healthier and feel more comfortable for you and anyone that comes near it.

Murdock London’s heritage respectfully nods to the finest barber shops of Victorian London and the traditional English way of doing things. They pay meticulous attention to detail, promoting good manners an artisanal values into not only their work as barbers, but also into their products.

Murdock have also partnered with the charity CALM, an organisation aimed to raise awareness to male suicide prevention and to help raise awareness to male mental health.

You can find Murdock London online at www.murdocklondon.com or in one of its five London locations. You can even venture out across the pond to their New York set up in the Nordstrom Men’s department.