Plants Make Men More Attractive?

Sometimes it isn’t all about the way you dress. Your body language, how you communicate and your mannerisms all add up to create an impression. But should men start to pay an interest to plants?

Its been said that the men who have plants in their home come across as more attractive and caring. Recent research and the ‘Man Talk’ video below made by discovered that men interested in plants get more sex appeal.

Flowers and plants are typically seen as quite feminine so we often shy away from any kind of reference, but is it time to leave the ego at the door and reap the benefits of plants at home?

To illustrate this link created a beautifully designed concept collection of manly plants in sturdy pharmacist pots. Pink porcelain pots with daisy’s in full bloom might be out of your comfort zone, so this bridges the gap perfectly.

Other research also shows that plants and flowers could effect your mood. They can create a calmer atmosphere in an office, brighten up dull spaces and sub-consciously boost your mood.

But where do you start?

The Vitamin Plant bridges that gap between buying a plant and not damaging your ego. have made a selection of Vitamin Plants For Men, which are carefully placed in masculine looking pots.

VIS-VP-Packshot-Jar1-EN-V2.1-SL (1)VIS-VP-Packshot-Jar4-UK-V2.1-SL

Go for something simple, something you’ll notice but something that doesn’t create too much of a statement.

The video shows that plants aren’t just for women and more men are now starting to realise it. Think about the grooming industry, again an industry that was dominated by women. The grooming industry for men has grown rapidly over the past 10 years and it’s all because men are finally going against the typical norm of masculinity.

It’s a slow process, but is more interest in plants the next step?

The Vitamin Plant looks cool, it will create a more calming atmosphere, boost your mood and add to your sex appeal.

VIS-VP-Packshot-Jar2-EN-V2.1-SLVIS-VP-Packshot-Jar3-UK-V2.1-SL inspires people to brighten up their homes and their lives with a bit of green.

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