Sweeten that wrist

How to wear a bracelet if you’re a man, is not as difficult as sometimes it might be seen. So men’s bracelets and blokes can be a complex mix. Metal men’s bracelets are steeped in tradition, and so it’s no wonder that if you get the right one to wear it will rate high on the masculinity spectrum, especially if it’s silver. A feature piece on its own, wear your bracelet on your right hand wrist opposite your watch, and if your watch and bracelet are in matching tones, for a cleaner look to accessories your style. 

Over the past few years, the rise in wearing bracelets has taken off as a big trend, from beaded braided cords, wooden beads, leather bands and metallic slip on bands, worn by celebrities, fashion icons and film stars who are all showing their worst game for all to see, so it’s no wonder these fashion pieces have risen in popularity.

But wearing a bracelet does come with some rules, of course. You need a bracelet that’s masculine, good looking and you want pieces that are stylish and original, so look to buy a bracelet made from interesting materials and hopefully colours that are conducive to the mix-and-match effect.

So over the seasons, the silver chain or beaded bracelet has risen to be the most popular arm accessory for men, and depending on their selection, from wooden bracelets – for that ethnic inspired look to glass and finally silver beads. Bracelets look great on their own stacked with other bracelets, if you want to mix beads, patterns, materials and favourite colour for a combo, fo find that bracelet that will suit your style and your mood, style and dress code.

The CATENA CURB BRACELET in silver and navy is handmade in Amsterdam and by using authentic ship rope they carry on the Dutch legacy that runs through the link chain and finishes up with a silver button closure. If you’re looking for something a little different but has a strong background, Pig & Hen have made this bracelet, as in all their bracelets, so that you’ll have one that will survive a lifetime, is stronger than steel and will age, as Pig & Hen kindly put it, “like your wrinkled face.” And if you’re after a bracelet that will stand the test of time, then this curb bracelet will give you timeless appeal as you’d expect and will look good with everything.

Pig & Hen avoid any materials that contain harmful ingredients and reduce harmful waste And it comes beautifully packaged in a little wooden box made of FSC controlled wood from trees responsibly selected by theForest Stewardship Council.

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