Picking The Best Frames For Your Complexion With Meijer Optical

At Meijer Optical, we offer an almost endless choice of frames and lenses. When choosing your new eyeglasses, there are a few things you should always keep in mind while looking. 

Your eyewear of choice should complement your skin tone. Complexions fall into one of two categories – warm (yellow) and cold (blue). Each category has a variety of undertones associated with it. A cool complexion has pink, red or blue undertones. If you fall into this category, your skin appears pink or beige. If you were to look under your wrist, your veins would appear mostly blue. A warm complexion, on the other hand, has yellow, gold or peach undertones and the skin tone appears more golden. If you were to look under your wrist, your veins would appear green. Regardless of your coloring, let Meijer Optical help you pick the style of frames that best accentuate your face. 

Meijer Optical has thousands of the best styles for each face shape. Keep in mind, geometry actually plays an important role, but you really want to pick frames that both look and feel good when you’re wearing them. Some things to consider along with your face’s shape…. consider the width of your face-wider frames can overwhelm narrow facial features, and frames that are too narrow can result in a poor fit and odd look.  

For a rounder face, try a graphic frame, like a rectangular pair with more pronounced angles and edges. If you have diamond or square facial features, contrasting is important. If you have an angular shaped face, consider a style that has softer edges. Round-lensed frames balance out strong jawlines or cheekbones.

Have a heart shaped face? You can try the aviator style—a tried-and-true shape with smooth lines that complements a wider forehead. An oval shaped face is great for almost all frames, because your facial features are balanced. 

And lastly…if you have them, embrace your quirks and know your fit. It’s easy to assume you just need to tighten the arms of your glasses in order to ensure a proper fit, but there’s actually more at play here. Here’s how to tell if you’ve found a pair of well-fitting frames…Pupils are near the center of each lens. Lenses don’t extend past the sides of your face. Eyebrows are above the glasses. Temples sit comfortably on your ears (and aren’t too tight or too loose). And finally, when you smile, your cheeks don’t push the frames up. 

One of the most stylish eyeglass brands around is Ray-Ban. They offer everything from timeless styles to cutting edge fashion. In fact, Ray Ban is a mix of a handful of vintage with a sprinkling of cool. And what’s better than being trendy without even trying. In the 1930s, Ray Ban created a pair of frames called Aviators to help pilots combat altitude sickness and other discomforts brought on by glare from the sun. There is a myriad of characteristics that set Ray Ban apart from all others, not the least of which is the lightweight material which makes for a more comfortable wear. The strength of the various materials used such as titanium, carbon fiber, plastic and metal ensures durability in spite of the lightweight feature. In addition, the range of frame shapes offered provide a great fit for most faces.

Meijer Optical has one of the widest selections of frames, eyeglass lenses, coatings and materials, so you’re sure to find the right pair of glasses for you. In addition to a range of corrective types, we offer a choice of lens materials and treatments like scratch-resistant coatings, tints, UV protection and anti-reflective coatings. Our optometrists can prescribe the right lens type based on your unique needs and preferred style, and our opticians will make sure you understand the best lens options for your lifestyle. Protection from UV rays is just important for your eyes as it is for your skin. Our UV-resistant treatments can help your eyes stay healthy and protected from the sun’s damaging rays. 

At Meijer Optical, we take your vision very, very seriously, and we hope you do too! We offer thousands of frames and lenses that will help keep you looking great and seeing great. But remember, getting regular eye exams at Meijer Optical is vital to eye health. During an exam, our certified optometrist will check for color blindness, proper eye movement and alignment and of course depth perception. Your doctor will likely perform tests for conditions such as glaucoma and examine your eyes for early warning signs of cataracts, macular degeneration and other common vision issues. 

At Meijer Optical, we accept thousands of vision insurance plans including EyeMed, Aetna, Advantica, Vision Benefits of America, OptiCare and Avesis. Your vision benefits can be used towards prescription eyewear and contact lenses. Book your exam today or bring in any valid prescription. Use your vision benefits to select from hundreds of designer eyeglasses and sunglasses. Ask your optician for details. To find out if we accept your vision care, call your local Meijer Optical.