Pick Of The Week: The ‘Moon’ Armchair By Mike To

An armchair is classically a piece of furniture which everyone associates with a certain somebody. For me, it’s my grandfather, sitting back on his big grey armchair after every meal and watching over his family as we sat around, played card games and ate gorgeous desserts. For the modern man however it seems the armchair has become less about comfort and more about style… well, in this case that’s true at least.

The ‘Moon’ Armchair, designed by Mike To is one of a kind. Its sole purpose isn’t just for sitting but it’s absolutely beautiful to look at. It’s a remarkable design demonstrating the futuristic and ultra modern chic style that has become of this day and age. Although it’s always important to stick to the simples and the classics, Moon is statement furniture at it’s finest. For £349 you could have this beautiful armchair in your living room, not necessarily to always sit on but for decorative purposes (as pompous as that may sound). It comes in Vintage Bronze, Orange, Black, White and Vintage Silver… so take your pick lads and step into the future with one of these Moon Chairs.

Shop the full collection over at Made.