Photographer: Wayne Tippetts

Photography is crucial when it comes to fashion – how outfits are photographed, the way the shoots are put together, it all adds something. Wayne Tippetts did and does understand this and that has led to his success as a fashion photographer. But it wasn’t just the knowledge; it was his interest and sheer enthusiasm that got him where he is today. Enthusiasm and understanding, two of the many things we value here at MFM.


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When asked about his career, Tippetts said that he documented the rich and varied expression of street life at the time. His desire to show the many different looks that were around at a specific time has gone through his career that dates back to the 80s when he was – as he put it – wandering around the streets of Camden Town with his Leica over his arm. But what got his attention the most – and rightly so – was the Jamaican ‘Dancehall’ music scene. With this brought homemade outfits of all designers and fashions that were used during the dances.

It wasn’t until 2008, however, that Tippets decided to start his blog Street Style Aesthetic which came from the premise “it’s not just the clothes – it’s the people who wear them”. Starting his blog from the point of view of an editorial photographer, Tippetts decided that he wanted to bring his voice to the Street Style Fashion photography and so his site was born.  Tippett’s photos (as you can see) are all about showing off the best and most innovative senses of style and fashion. Suits and accessories, smart and casual, style and appreciation, it’s all there and it’s all very much enjoyed.


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So can you understand why we love Tippetts work so much? And why this street style appreciation is something we find interesting and unique? If you need to see more head over and take a look, prepare to be impressed. View more on Wayne alongside a selection of his street style shots by visiting Street Style Aesthetic.