Philip Dore in His Resolute Pursuit of Fashion

Philip Dore is an avid fashion designer who has worked alongside the most prestigious clothing authors. At six years old, he tackled the industry with no other career paths in mind from that point forward, despite other people denying him his freedom of career choice. Rather than seeking scenic locations and films for entertainment, Philip discovered inspiration for new clothing trends.

A Season of Diligent Mentors

In 2007, Philip enrolled at the prestigious Saint Luc Institute, a school known for its in-depth lessons on digital design, advertising, and architecture. This was a momentous occasion as it was the starting point of equipping himself with the tools necessary to develop a firm foundation in graphic design and visionary mastery.

Three years later, Dore matriculated at the Esmod Fashion School in Roubaix for three years. While there, he assimilated the ins and outs of womenswear and menswear, quickly realizing he was in his element. To fuel his passion, his teachers continually spurred him to push forward. Daniel Jasiak, his final professor at Esmod and the former Head of Design at Comme Des Garcons, unlocked Dore’s full career potential by giving him the strength and guidance to invest his life freely in the fashion world. Beyond his studies, Philip served as a jury member for Esmod’s Roubaix and Paris schools.

Several counselors fundamentally shaped Philip’s undertakings in the clothing trade. Josephus Thimister, the poetic overseer of Balenciaga for six years, created a personal brand and became one of the most famous fashioners of his age. He taught Dore how to be a wise and kind industry leader. Givenchy, with the artistic direction of Riccardo Tisci, propelled him mentally to new heights. Dore learned that fresh ideas could emerge at any time, including in his sleep.

Philip witnessed celebrities wearing his sketches during his tenure. Personalities, including Lady Gaga and Naomi Campbell, boosted his confidence so much that he hoped to create a brand for himself.

Enlightening the Couture Craft

Philip’s industry experience brought him to many fashion couturiers, including:

  • Isaac Sellam
  • Jean-Paul Knott
  • Koche
  • Givenchy
  • Azzaro
  • Zadig et Voltaire.

He worked his way from base internship positions to chief roles: senior designer and creative director. As an intern, he was a designer assistant in the men’s and women’s clothing departments. He was accountable for creative development, producing eloquent patterns and designs, and reporting to his artistic director. Dore received hands-on experience in a workshop, developing patterns for leather products and became a Saga Furs finalist during his last year of working with Isaac Sellam.

As a senior designer and creative director, he led teams of designers, ranging from students and internship graduates to his peers. Regularly, he supervised design production and helped his squad tell imaginative stories with their patterns. One of his other paramount duties was organizing collections and fashion shows for men and women.

About the Author

James Larsen is a dedicated patternmaker who translates blueprints and sketches into patterns on paper or fabric.