Percival SS14 Collection

Its an exciting time for menswear label Percival, who are getting ready to release their new spring and summer collection. For those of you who are not familiar with the British brand, they are relatively new on the scene.

In 2010 they began doing business through key stockists around the the country, and it was only in 2012 after a series of pop up shops, that they moved to their first permanent location in central London. This has given them a true sense of who their clientele actually are. They aim to attract men of almost all ages, and with the quality of their apparel we don’t see why not! They pride themselves on the fact that most of their garments are made just a stones throw away. This gives them control over the quality of all their attire, which they’ve steadily built a reputation for.


The collection itself consists of British inspired classics with a touch of influence from across the pond. Some of its key pieces include a flamboyant short sleeved shirt, a 50’s style Harrington and a varsity jacket with a twist. All of which are perfect for the British (or in my case Irish) summer.

The slim cut short sleeved shirt is a bright and fun piece which is absolutely bang on trend this coming season. Its colourful zigzag design is cheerful and this easy to wear style would look great paired with simple, plain pair of shorts or chinos.


The 50’s style Harrington is a lightweight jacket which is timeless, and perfect for the spring and summer months. Popularised by American stars James Dean and Steve McQueen, harringtons are one of the most versatile jackets out there with the amount of different ways to wear them almost limitless. Whether it’s a casual, preppy or a smart look you’re going for, this beautiful jacket will accommodate your desires. (Its also ideal for those far too frequent “summer” showers)

Another highlight of this trendy collection comes in the form of an embroidered bomber style varsity jacket. The first thought that might come to mind is the American college sport participant stereotype (I’m sure you can see the consistent hint of Americana throughout the collection now). However the varsity jacket has come a long way and is far more fashionable than the styles worn by the American “jocks” in the past. This unique piece matches up perfectly with the mafia style white shirt which is also featured in this classic collection.

As you can see, this collection is built around British classics with a touch of influence from the states. Each piece is extremely stylish yet very convenient for our spring and summer climate. So if you’re looking to add some quality and versatility to your wardrobe this coming season, look no further than Percival clothing’s limitless collection. Shop the full collection over at Percival.