Peacoats are officially back at the top of our winter wishlist.

What is it about a peacoat that gives you guys the sharp look? Worn for many years by actors, royalty and probably anyone who’s famous.They’ve all donned a peacoat to stunning effects. The autumn season going through winter and beyond are the seasons of cashmere and merino wool coats, roll-neck jumpers and chunky boots. 

When you want to wear a suit under your peacoat, layering will become infinitely easier as the suit itself is an exercise in layering. Merino wool is one of the favourite fabrics for a camel crombie, it’s one of nature’s most intelligent fabrics. But as for pure new wool, a much more affordable and perfect fabric to keep you toasty warm in the winter chill and a popular fibre for the making of a peacoat, allowing you to breathe and keep warm in the cold, and they’ll see you all the way through until early summer.

The peacoat is a great trans-seasonal coat, and probably better if it is single breasted, that will allow some room for layers. If your coat is of a neutral shade it’s a blank canvas for wearing bright colours elsewhere, and a colour pop will elevate your comfy, go-to-weekend style. and you can afford to go a shade above your usual as all that sober fabric will anchor bolder tones. The colours of a peacoat do vary quite a lot, from a very pale almost neutral colour to the opposite of an almost dark camel, navy, grey and black.

And the most popular is the colour in the middle, and this gem of a winter  coat will go with everything in your wardrobe. But, there is no need for your trusted piece of outerwear to look the same every time you wear it.It’s a busy time of year, holiday shopping hasn’t even started, and thee;s a hell of a lot of celebrating to do in the run up to Christmas. You’ll need a coat that is not only comfortable, but warm, loose and composed of cosy-manly layers that you want to love in.

The Steven slim cashew peacoat in cashew checks off every box in our right-for-now style. Wear with leather boots and indigo jeans that’ll give you a rugged mix whilst the sweater and coat gives it a sophisticated touch. Wrap up the whole look with some solid accessories to keep the style from feeling too simple. The Steven peacoat comes in super soft pure new wool front pockets, fully lined and a sharp BALR. logo on the left sleeve. A slim coat that’s ready and available at any time, it’s the perfect coat for a guy who’s busy-guy-with-good-taste choices. What better way to enjoy Christmas.

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