Paul Stuart Fall 2014 Collection

Since its formation in 1938, Paul Stuart has become renowned internationally for its luxury menswear.  Founded by Ralph Ostrove, the company has remained in its original location on New York ever since its establishment over seventy years ago. The store has dressed world-leaders, celebrities and titans of business: its customer is anybody who expects the highest quality clothing and superior service.

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“A man should feel comfortable and relaxed in his clothes, he should be unique, and he should care about the details.” This has been Paul Stuart’s view on fashion since its establishment. Over seventy years later, and the statement is still able to define the company’s latest collection. The Paul Stuart fall 2014 collection has been released: expect sophisticated patterns and splashes of colour mixed in an unmistakably contemporary manner. Classic town and country looks are seamlessly blended with a range of delicate suede’s, stately Tweeds, and Glen-Urquhart plaids.

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Paul Stuart has been a large influence on men’s fashion for years, and has helped to actively redefine the American tailored look into the slimmer silhouettes of today. The company’s new tailored clothing model, the Baxter, has continued to develop since its provisional introduction in spring. The model offers a more contemporary fit, featuring a trimmer torso and reduced shoulder padding. As a result, the traditional Anglo-American suit has been elegantly updated and redefined.

Colour, while remaining subtle, is a key part of the new collection. Greens come in shades of olive, forest and hunter, and features in predominantly everything from tailored clothing and neck-ties, to outerwear and sportswear. Likewise, the varied shades of blues are a theme in their own right. Furthermore, the earthy reds, deep burgundies and burnt oranges are synonymous of autumn.

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Attention to detail defines the collection. Paul Stuart garments are all hand-sewn, using the most elegant assortments of fabrics on offer. The exclusive collection is available from one of the three Paul Stuart stores in the United States, or online at Paul Stuart. Paul Stuart claims that its goal has never been to be the biggest. Instead, it strives only the best. With its latest collection, however, it may be able to achieve both.