Parka London Spring/Summer 2014

Here at MFM, excitement rains down on us when we hear about the spring collections and Parka London’s is no exception. With this collection offering us an ethos that is at the very core and a brand DNA that resonates meaning, it stands to reason that we would be so.

image 1

The spring Parka London’s 2014 collection is the second that is coming from the London based company and shows a continuation from the thoughts and feelings that came from the previous. This collection, similar to the last, shows the contrast of meticulous attention to detail whilst manifesting the louche sensibility. The collection is broken into three: Julian, Ari and Tristian.

Julian is all about classic must haves. What is it, this look asks, that we need when it comes to spring? This question is expressed through the cotton nylon parka which has its own fishtail back hem and is water resistant. In addition, it has a bright stripe lining, draw cord and a contrasting tan leather trim.

Parka London has a keen interest in its past, looking back, evolving and moving away from previous ideas is something they value. The Ari look is a key example of this. Evolving from the Taylor AW13 piece, the parka is a dyed garment which is underline, creating an oversized, baggy look. With the choice of having indigo as the colour up for option it has a smart feel to it while maintaining the casual undertones.

Finally, the Tristian look is a fisherman style parka. Like Julian, it is made of cotton nylon but is finished in neo-carbon and sand which is washed with a metal clasp closure. This piece is perhaps the loudest of the three, made with a booming yellow that ties in our feelings and visions of what spring is.

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Spring is the introduction to summer. It is the steps we take, the preparation we make to enjoy one of the four seasons. What better way to do that, Parka London expresses, than through the bright yellows, emeralds, indigos and more? With the latest Parka London collection we have a metamorphosis of all things we perceive to be spring.