On Cloudmonster – Meet Your New Favourite Trainer

I don’t know if you walk around with your eyes clothes, but if you don’t, you’ve probably seen a pair of On trainers on someones feet, from the lady on the morning commute to the trendy lad serving you your flat white. It’s easy to see why the world has currently gone a little bit mad for the Swiss shoemakers, not only do they look a little bit mad, the level comfort they offer you is unrivalled.

Not only am I an avid and passionate runner, I also work at a running shop so I like to believe that I know a little bit when it comes running shoes and believe me when I say, these are the real deal. The level of cushioning they offer is currently unrivalled, not only in the On range but across all brands who are creating running shoes.

Running never felt like this.Our biggest Cloud elements ever meet an ultrapowerful Speedboard®. The result? Extremely soft landings and maximum rebound, for energy return you won’t believe. This is running on Clouds with the volume turned up.

The responsive nature of the cushioning this shoe offers is unlike anything else I’ve ever come across, the ride is buttery smooth thanks to the huge Cloudtec, affording you the best in compression technology which is the right amount of responsive, coupled with the speedboard which loads and releases to carry you along each stride.

So next time you’re looking to upgrade your road runners, give the On Cloudmonster a go, the lady on your morning commute will be so proud.

Written by Tom Loughran