Novesta Starmaster: Hands Down, The Best Summer Trainer

Allow me to introduce you to the trainer that will see you through summer, the Novesta Starmaster. I’m well aware that I’m not the only person on earth who knows about Novesta, and I’m good with that, but for those of you who don’t, I’m more than happy to change your shoe rotation.

Novesta are steeped in history, they opened their factory in Slovakia in 1939 and continue to make shoes from the very same premises to this day, making them one of the last purely European produced brands throughout Europe since their creation. They are also one of the last brands in the world still using the original method on the original machinery, meaning you’re not just buying trainers, you’re buying heritage.

They create shoes with longevity in mind and use sustainable materials where possible, this ethos has been at the forefront since the very beginning and maintains to this day. Their traditional method of production ensured the prolonged lifetime of their trainers whilst creating a look that transcends the ever-changing world of fashion. All of their products are washable, with the possibility to replace the insoles and use natural rubber soles that have even been tested by years of service.

With all of this knowledge, craftsmanship and history behind them, they continuously create the most diverse trainer. The Starmaster is a staple of what Novesta are all about, simple, understated and incredibly well made. I implore you to put a pair into your rotation and see what difference it makes.

Written by Tom Loughran