Oh the Italians, with their flair, colours, linen, obsessive layering and neckerchiefs. As British dressers we are far more formal, it is rare that you will see a man sporting a colourful jacket, cashmere sweater and the neckerchief loosely tied around his neck. It’s  a popular fashion accessory that adds flair and style to an individual’s attire. However, in the British cultural context, neckerchiefs are not commonly worn. If ever.

Hell, the Italians look good and it’s time that we, in the summer, open up to wearing some bright colours. By doing so, they would not only showcase a more eclectic style but also allow a bit of cultural exchange and integration in an increasingly interconnected world. Considering the benefits of embracing neckerchiefs, it is worth exploring the possibility of their inclusion in the British fashion scene. Neckerchiefs can add a touch of sophistication, individuality, and a pop of colour to otherwise simple outfits. By incorporating neckerchiefs into their attire, the British could embrace a more eclectic and diverse fashion style, reflecting the changing cultural landscape.

The absence of neckerchiefs in the British fashion scene can be attributed to a combination of cultural, climatic, and historical factors, there is is the stiff upper lip from the British, whilst the Italians have a much more playful outlook to the fashion style, the sombre Brits just stick to more duller colours on the whole, as cultural boundaries become more fluid, the British can and should consider embracing neckerchiefs as a means of diversifying and enriching their fashion choices. If you don’t try you’ll never know!

The British climate, with its frequent rain and temperate weather, plays a significant role in shaping fashion choices, but we’re talking about the summer months and yes even into autumn, maybe winter, there’s no real reason why guys shouldn’t sport a neckerchief underneath a sweater, practicality and functionality often take precedence over elaborate accessories.

So, whether you fancy to drape your newly bought silk scarf around your neck, hang it out of your trouser pocket, yes the Italians do that for maximum nonchalance, or you’re going for the casual look and have a small one tied neatly just under your chin, the tailored look, tuck a traditional pocket square form, the options are endless, the subtle scarf can bring just  the right amount of attention to an otherwise minimal outfit. Trust us a little pop of colour is all you need, to look sophisticated and – you’ll be pleased to hear, it’s a cinch to pull off.