Noel Jewellery “Classic with a touch of pretentiousness and a modern twist”

Noel is inspired by attitude, expression and the unorthodox. In creating unconventional beauty, Noel is able to highlight luxury, modernity and maverick in his jewellery art creations.

Born into a family of jewellers, Noel’s connection to gemology was kismet. The mystic world of jewellery inspired him to discover his cosmic purpose- creating fine jewellery for the modern, rebellious man.

After graduating with a Masters in Luxury and as a Gemmologist from London, Noel continues to draw upon his lifelong love of travel, the arts and spirituality to inspire his designs and sourcing in all the elements used in the production process.

“Jewellery is a way of expression, a personal art form that tells a story of a person’s individuality, the places they have been and things they have experienced.”

Noel believes in the healing powers and energies that worldly elements, crystals and substances accede back into the universe.

He references the cosmos, freedom, and the hippie movement in guiding him through creating jewellery that is made for people who appreciate the rebellious, unconstructed and unidisciplinary side of luxury.

Revolution is a collection inspired by attitude and the unconventional spirit. Discover fine jewellery with uncompromising beauty and start your own personal rebellion. Handcrafted in 18 Karat White and Rose Gold with reversed White and Black Princess Cut Diamonds to signify a wonderfully subversive nature.

Uncover your journey with healing properties from the universe. Discover your truth and wisdom with Lapis Lazuli stone and protect your soul and find fortunes with Black Onyx stone, handset with the modernised technologies and consciously constructed techniques to accentuate the essence of fine jewellery.

Go where you feel most alive with Cosmos. An artistic expression of a comet sent down from the universe to present divine light and spread truth. Discover self-expression through a rebellious nature with Cosmos, handcrafted in 18 Karat White and Rose Gold with White and Black Brilliant Cut Diamonds.

Explore the mystical properties from the Cosmos with Lapis Lazuli and prepare to traverse through awareness, harmony and confidence. Shield yourself from opposing energies with Black Onyx and gain grounding protection and self-control. Handset with modernised technologies and consciously constructed techniques to accentuate the essence of fine jewellery.