No Idea What To Wear On A First Tinder Date?

You know the story. It’s Friday night, you’ve been out late, drinks may have been drunk.You get home, snuggle up, turn on Tinder and promptly fall in love with the first person you swipe right on. Dates set, your out to impress, but what to wear?
You’ve committed to this date and plan to meet up, even though you probably can’t remember her name! So first off, where are you going? Local pub? You want your date to be so impressed that she wouldn’t want to change anything about you – including your clothes. Until the third date that is, when who really lies behind that perfect hair, well-groomed face and impeccable style will surely come out. And by then it’s, well, too late.
So on your first date, when it comes to impressing her, it can be hard to work out what you want to wear – two possible mistakes you can make; not dressing up enough or the other is overdressing. So, keep it smart casual then add a splash of not-too powering aftershave and you’re on your way. Check these Mens’ Fragrances ideal for a mens aftershave.
A pair of smartly-cut jeans in a soft shade of faded blue will look great with a pair of white Adidas/New Balance or your fave trainers/sneakers. Just make sure they’re clean.
A smart summery shirt, maybe floral, plain or patterned, but don’t go all garish and loud, and don’t undo all the buttons. No one wants to see full front chest hair, if you’ve got any. Keep your hair smart and clean, and less like you’ve just woken up from a hangover.
It’s all about the fit, and what matters isn’t how much money you’ve spent of your clothes it’s how well they fit on your body. Typically, a fitted, not-skin-tight-so-you-can’t-move silhouette, where your clothes hug but don’t constrict your body is the way to go. Look for items like soft-feel sweaters that you can wear around your neck if it’s warm, and throw on later when the weather turns. Team with tailored trousers or chinos if you feel like dressing up a little and even a lightweight jacket.
Get it wrong and you’ll be finding your self a sorry contender on the next season of First Dates.