NIKKEN – Ear Hair Removal: The simple ear hair tweezers every guy should own

No self-respecting man should have to go through life with ear hair, but here’s a thing, you may not be aware of, is that yes, your ears do sprout hair! These follicles aren’t exactly new, it’s the testosterone in your body that’s causing them to sprout out like you’ve never seen before. And with that comes the grim duty of ear-hair removal. 

If you want to look up how to remove ‘ear-hair’, you will get all sorts of great suggestions about how to  pull, shave, snipping and waxing your nose. Don’t ever. Ever. Ever, do that. Don’t deny that you have ear hairs, you need to have some hair in both your ears and nose, but neither should be visible to others. If you’re short then your ear hair will be far more on show, so it’s important that you play it safe and keep them looking good and clear. You probably feel that you need to get a haircut at the barbers or get a decent beard which are all time consuming, but when it comes to simpler grooming tasks, like getting out your ear hair, you have no excuse, if you use the right tools.

There’s one simple device that can handle this task, however. And although we know you guys embrace your hairy selves, the ones growing out of your nose certainly need looking after. And NIKKEN are happy to advise you if you want to choose a smoother, less hirsute path.

NIKKEN Ear hair removal tweezers:

Made in Japan, Nikken has a 70 year-year old history and they have evolved and cultivated their technology in developing grooming razors. This great metallic product is a pair of tweezers for removing hair due to the  changes of hair growth this becomes a problem for a lot of guys, so making sure that you have the right implement like these are perfectly safe and easy to use.

The tweezers are skin friendly and are made with a combination of a conventional tweezer with springs designed especially to remove your hairs. With the tweezer body that has a two-step bending angle adjustment, that prevents force escaping when gripping the hair. And with welded joints for durability, reliable, easy to use, and perfect to catch hair in your ears. 

Easy maintenance to ensure they are great with repeated use. Washable in either water, with detergents and boiling.These tweezers are very easy and simple to use and with springs attached it’s easier to catch hair than conventional tweezers. 

Trust us, this is the best device to remove your ear hair safely and effectively.