Nicholas Deakins Launches A Denim Cotton Collection

When it comes to new collections, brands and designers need to consider how they’re going to evolve. How can they move on from what they’ve already created but with a new, experienced touch? This is the question Nicholas Deakins has had to ask for the first launch of their SS14 collection.

And what better way to do this than with a denim cotton collection which sees two new shirts – the Midland and the Central – which give the option of both short and long sleeves. With these two shirts it’s all about having a modern twist on an original form, mixing both light cotton and denim to create something new and exciting.

nicholas image 1

This excitement rains down on the Midland shirt, which merges the two different fabrics on the shoulder and the body. This shirt has – like we believe here at MFM – borrowed and stayed true to what it’s done before but brought with it something new. In Nicholas Deakins form, it has a small rose badge on the chest pocket and has a collar that is a classic button down. This touch is about representation, representing the work of Nicholas Deakins and the thought that has gone into these shirts.

The second shirt, the Central, also features a regular fit but has horn effect buttons. The brand continues and we see the rose embroidered on the chest pocket. With every new collection there’s an understanding of the form to which it belongs. The rose is a symbol for Nicholas Deakins and pulls together the ideas of fabric – of the merge between denim and cotton.

With over 22 years of experience, these shirts highlight the reputation that Nicholas Deakins has for design and manufacturing. With these shirts that offer options and brand awareness we see the inspiration behind it – the allusion to performance and sporting styles. As you know, here at MFM, we love things that are borrowing, acknowledging and above all, appreciating. Nicholas Deakins is doing just that.

The collection is now available here.