NICCE | No collars, belts, or formal shoes required

Winter often feels like a quieter season compared to the vibrant energy of summer, and the days grow shorter, the colours fade, and even our wardrobe tends to fall a little flat, but this winter, NICCE is rewriting the script. They can’t control the weather (if only, right?), but they’ve decided to inject some bold colours into their hoodie and joggers into their autumn/winter 2023 collection winter-wear. The NICCE hoodies in soft fleece-backed fabric, customisable drawstring hoods, and subtle embroidered tonal logos combine to deliver both comfort and a touch of style, coming in burgundy, khaki, and black hues exude sophistication while capturing the essence of the autumnal palette, making them go-to colours for the season.

The key to mastering the art of sporting hoodies is thoughtful styling, as a hoodie becomes your go-to layering piece. Pair it effortlessly with jeans or relaxed matching joggers that offer comfort and 

easy-on -the-eye, as this blend strikes the perfect harmony between a relaxed appearance and a great put-together style. Hoodies and joggers in these shades offer a balance between casual comfort and are ideal for wearing indoors and outdoors and even better for layering. Wearing the hoodie over tailored trousers, under your puffer, topcoat, or jacket, giving and embracing a more laid-back vibe as the temperature drops is equally appealing and reaching for a trusty hoodie to layer up is a stellar choice. Wear them together, and bingo, you’ve won. 

Are you looking to embrace the joggers trend in an effortlessly stylish way? Wearing them solo might be your ticket to comfort and a casual look, but here’s the trick: skip the complete tracksuit ensemble and instead focus on the versatility of jogger’s bottoms paired with a snug roll-neck jumper and jacket and some pristine kicks to finish, it’s a simple yet stylish approach that exudes comfort without compromising on a daytime look. The key lies in balancing the relaxed feel of the sweatpants with a more tailored or structured top half. Then again, by adding the matching hoodie to the same colour joggers, you find that perfect balance between comfort and style, allowing you to stand out while maintaining an effortlessly low-key vibe. It’s a clever play on mixing relaxed loungewear with that perfect balance between laid-back and polished.

So, whether you’re out for a relaxed day with friends or aiming for a casual yet put-together style, this style hack promises a trendy yet comfortable look, and you’ve effortlessly conquered one of the most accessible trends of the season. So, whether you’re lounging with friends or enjoying some downtime, this approach promises a low-key yet fashionable look that doesn’t compromise comfort. By embracing this style shift, you’re carving a path towards a winter wardrobe that’s effortlessly 

laid-back but equally stylish and yet refreshingly comfortable. And remember that you can wear hoodies and joggers with most of your current wardrobe clothes.

Gift-giving during the festive season is an opportunity to share warmth and comfort, and NICCE they are offering burgundy, khaki, or black hoodies and joggers along with many other styles that are not just a gift; it’s a gesture of care and style. These versatile pieces become well-loved and well-worn additions to any guy or girl’s wardrobe, promising both cosiness and a touch of a fashion-forward look.

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