Next Level Comfort With SUBÜ’s Winter Sandals

The concept of slow living is a familiar philosophy nowadays. More time at home coupled with the wave of minimal lifestyle Instagram content has left us appreciating the small things and putting in a conscious effort to connect with our surroundings and, above all, seek comfort.

The feeling of closing your front door when you arrive home and kicking off your shoes is one we’re all grateful for. But once your daytime shoes are off, what do you opt for next? Barefoot, comfy socks, a pair of old slippers?

This is a question that Fukawa Toshihiko, director of SUBÜ, found himself asking. He explains the brand’s identity through the Japanese culture of not wearing shoes at home, stating that it is the norm in Japanese homes to wear socks, slippers or go barefoot, options that are associated with relaxation and comfort. SUBÜ’s ‘Winter Sandals’ were Toshihiko’s solution to a problem he faced: when out in his neighbourhood or running errands in colder weather, normal sandals and sneakers weren’t keeping his feet warm or comfortable.

SUBÜ’s shoes were designed to ‘wrap your feet even in the cold winter, allowing you to go comfortably barefoot’, and they claim that their four-layer design brings even more comfort than at home. The shoes are made with brushed inner fabric and a four-layer insole, enveloping your feet with the warmth of down. There is teflon coating in the upper fabric, and each of its four layers on the insole has a different thickness, creating a moulded fit. Its fabrics are lightweight, durable and water-resistant (handy if you get caught in any unexpected rain).

The fit is, quite frankly, surprising in its comfort. I had heard that these shoes were a good fit and easy to walk in, but I must admit that I was taken aback after trying them on. I opted for their beige pair, and after trialling them for a little while, I really can’t recommend them highly enough.

Turns out a winter sandal is what we’re all missing.

Written by Tom Loughran