News from the fashion front. Resistance is futile with these sneakers this season

They say you can tell a man by his shoes, well if you want to look your best, here are some sneakers that’ll take you to the next level. Because nowadays the classic designer low-top sneaker is the shoe of the moment for guys who used to stick to the black trainers.

At Charles Tyrwhitt they are very pro-sneakers with a difference. Not the traditional trainer but the by-now generic luxe designer sneaker, in super suede and an inch of matching oatmeal rubber above the sole. Sneakers have become incredibly versatile, they’ve found their way in to our everyday wardrobe, from an off-duty look or even If you’re thinking about swapping your derby leathers for sneakers, make sure they’re smart and modern like these grey suede trainers, rather than just the shoes you have that are a comfy afterthought. Just remember to keep them clean!

If you want to get that youthful, no-care, but look-at-me style then smarten them up, paired with your fave jeans, ditch the socks, roll the hem and you’re in business. Or you can wear jeans, a suit, your swim trunks, short in summer and a pair of these grey suede sneakers worn with a sim-cut shirt, some chinos and a classic sweater will look preppy and smart. Or, everything else from drainpipe leathers to flat-fronted tailored trousers. 

If you’re looking at the suit and sneakers combination, these sneakers will be the perfect match, and with another colour option with these sneakers, after work you can change out of the brogues, and your set for the evening. Or if you’re wearing a blazer they will pull the look together. 

Suede Sneakers – Oatmeal

This is all about moving on from chunky kicks for a pair of sneakers a little more streamline, like these low-top suede sneakers with a deeper cut.

The upper and linings are crafted from suede leather for a superior durability and will give you that supple feel. A lightweight sole that flexes as you walk, and have interior leather padding and leather comfort in the sock.for extra comfort. The rubber soles are flexible, resistant to ageing, water damage and discolouration. Available in Oatmeal and Tan.

Your footwear should complement your looks, and not feel misplaced. So forgo the trends, and find a sneaker style that’s just right for you. Say hello to your new sneakers guys.

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