New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year again. Fireworks. Auld Lang Syne. Diets. But here’s the thing. We are always looking to break away from convention and, in true MFM spirit, have decided to make 2015 our playground. So for the upcoming year, why not try a new resolution rather than opting for the usuals which, come January 2nd, you’re already bored of? So these are our thoughts: try something different.

resolution 1

1. Travel more

resolution 2

January can be a difficult time – back to work, finance etc. (you get the picture) – and for some, the thought of vacations and travel is somewhat daunting. So, please, don’t skim over this section as a trip away doesn’t have to rock the bank account. There is an array of breath-taking landscapes across Britain and attractions i.e. museums, galleries and eateries!

So grab a rail card and book some tickets before you change your mind. What’s more, promise yourself to get your photograph taken in five interesting places. Not for the sake of social media, but for lasting memories to look back on when you’re grey and old (if you’re not there already).

2. New Hobby

resolution 3

Has there always been something you’ve wanted to try? Or something you didn’t do in your childhood? 2015 may be your year to learn a new language (travel encouraged), or play an instrument; anything from the piano to the mandolin might be something fun. Local councils usually have lots of adult classes available, in which you may pay termly or simply on the night, so get involved in something local.

3. Develop A Good Relationship With You

resolution 4

This one might not be the most original but it’s a good’un. Eat clean. Train mean. In terms of goals, it may be your time to set yourself a challenge; be this endurance-related such as a triathlon or something sponsored which will help you keep your focus as well as keep your health in check. It’s a win-win.

4. Eat More

resolution 5

You heard us! While most of the writers and blogs will be telling you to cut down on the carbs and forget you ever met Mr. Chardonnay over the festive period, we say embrace the new year and try something different. Now, we all know that the more we eat, unhealthy, saturated foods that is, is not going to be the greatest resolution for twenty fifteen. What we are suggesting is to try something new.

Whether this is once a week or one thing that you should persevere with. Last year’s food for me was celery. And while most of you probably won’t be over-thrilled by this prospect, something new might simply come in the form of a different variety of apple or just adding marjoram to your chill con carne recipe (it’s a revelation, as well as the addition of dark chocolate – which is healthy, too. Yay!) So get down to your nearest supermarket or local Farmer’s market and get those ideas rolling.

5. Make The Unusual Usual

resolution 6

Ever get bored of the commute to work? Or find always reading the same genre of fiction? Mix it up a little bit and do something different. Cycle to work. Walk through the park instead of around it. Anything that is out-of-routine could make your day a little more exciting rather than getting back to the same old drudge which most of us feel during the cold and damp January mornings. Joining a book club might also be a nice idea as this will encourage you to enter a new social situation without having to give up on Mr. Chardonnay completely.

3, 2, 1…

Don’t be afraid to be, or do something, different. Be afraid of being the same as everyone else. 2015 might be your year to try something different, from food to travel, even a work routine (although I can’t see replacing the staple morning diet of cinnamon-spiced porridge anytime soon). Whether the new year will be a fresh start, or your year to keep the awesomeness alive, just enjoy it. Happy new New Year’s resolutions to you all.